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Hittite and Etruskan mythologies.



The myth about Illuyanka. (A. Fantalov, water-colour, 2001).

This myth is a Hittite variant theme of fighting the God of Thunder against the World Serpent, like Thor and Ermungand ( Scandinavian mythology 2 ), Indra and Vritra (Indian mythology), Zeus and Tithon (Greek mythology).

The Hittite God of Thunder was defeated by the Serpent Illuyanka and lost his heart and eye. In order tu give back his power, the god married on a daughter of some man. When their son grown up, he in his turn married a daughter of Illuyanka. As a dowry, the godís sohn took hearth and eyes and gave these his father. Then the God of Thunder gave back his power, he defeated Illuyanka by means lightning.



The traveling of soul. (A. Fantalov, water-colour, 2001).

The Etruskan were spared great attention for the traveling of soul in the Underworld. The dead soul, like a litlle human figure is riding on a fantastical animal.A winged goddess Vanth (who was very venerated by Etruskans) drive this animal. Vanth likes valkiries (Scandinavian mythology) and she was protector of souls. On the contrary, a daemon of the death Haru (with wood hammer) was embodiment of evil power of the Underworld. Daemon Tuhulka (with bird head) and the beast are related with theme also.



The legend about Olta. (A. Fantalov, water-colour, 2001).

The Etruskan created an important and Indo-European tradition. However, as their texts, Etruskan miths are not known for us. But the legend about Olta (Pliny). When some monstr let the Underworld, it was going to destroy sacral town Volsiny, but it was stopped. Various depictions have contained in Etruskan art. Olta -Roman transcription of name, that in Etruskan was Veltha. Veltha is related with Veles ( Slav mythology 2. ), Vels (Balt mythology) and Vala ( Indian mythology 2 ).

There is Etruskan goddess Vanth also.



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