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Ugrian mythology

“A rise of Mir-Susne-Hum.” Graphic cycle dedicated to a national Ob-Ugrian (Ostyak - Hant and Vogul - Mansi) hero.


“Appearance.” (A. Fantalov, 1997)

Mir-Susne-Hum (“Man, who gaze at the world”) is a seventh son of a supreme Ob-Ugrian god, Num-Torum. A hero’s mother, Kaltes-Ekwa was overthrown by Num-Toum from heaven. Therefore Mir-Susne-Hum was born on the Earth. There is in the town, that letting down, a hero’s bride.




“A nest of a Great Bird.” (A. Fantalov, 1997)

There is a first exploit of Mir-Susne-Hum. The hero won a terrible frog and saved the nestlings of a great eagle. The thankful bird gives the hero its power.




“Old mammoth.” (A. Fantalov, 1997)

The mammoth is the most surprising monster of Ob-Ugrians. They imagine it like a huge fish or pangolin, leaving in the whirlpool. There we can see Mir-Susne-Hum in the capacity of mediator between the great eagle and the mammoth (between sky and earth, as Scandinavian Odin).



“Heaven Father.” (A. Fantalov, 1997)

Mir-Susne-Hum accomplished her numerous exploits and appeared before Num-Torum. The suprime Ugrian god gived the hero a great might




“A king of clouds.” (A. Fantalov, 1997)

After transformation, Mir-Susne-Hum becomes a rider on a white iron horse. (This horse have got the eight wings). The divinity hero’s simbols are a gold goose and a birch. There is some antagonists of Mir-Susne-Hum. In first this is Spirit of Bear - Jelping-Ja-Oyka. also giant-ogres with sharp heads were known s the enemies of the divinity hero.

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