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Arthur's cycle.


Twrch Trwyt - great boar. (A. Fantalov).

The picture shows a Wales legend about Arthur and his ritters. An youth Culhwch in order to marry Olwen (daughter of giant Isbaddaden) musted be to execute various tasks. Arthur's ritters helped him. The most difficult of them was to obtain a comb and scissors (they grew batween eyes of great boar Twrch Trwyt. The latter was unvincible one. But magician Mabon (Maponos of ancient Britts and Mac Ok of Ireland mythology) obtained these objects.



"The path to the Grail castle." (A. Fantalov. 1994)

The marvelous vision of a knight Perceval is shown on this picture. A bowl is St. Grail, the winged man, lion, eagle and bull personify the evangelists.



"Fatal Day." (A. Fantalov. 1995)

It is a final of Arthur circle. Mordred (Arthur's nephew), took up arms against king and the better knights were lost in the terrible battle. The last knight returned the Arthur's sword Excalibur to Mistress of Lake.

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