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Slav mythology 7.




(A.Fantalov, watercolor).

This picture shows the Slav chthonic personages: Veles, Usinya (the man with huge mouthtaches), Gorinya (the horsemen entwined with serpents) and Baba Yaga (she likes valkiry of Scandinavian mythology). Veles is ancient Slav god, other characters are the personages of Slav tales.



Isle Buyan. (A. Fantalov, watercolor).

Buyan is a legendary isle of Russian folklore. On this watercolor we can see the structure of Slav mythological world. The deer are embodiments of progenitor power (upper level of world). An eagle is the embodiment of thunder (middle level). Serpents are the embodiments of the Underworld. The levels are connected with world tree (it consists of clouds).




The legend about sacral gold. (A. Fantalov, watercolor).

Skythian and Slav myths talk as the marvelous objects fallen down from the sky. These were a bowl, sword and plough. Three brothers tried to take possession of these things But this point was reached by younger brother. Therefore he became king.

According to Slav variant of myth, sacral objects were fallen down by Svarog - the God of the Sky.


Slav mythology 8.

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