Indian mythology 4.



Shiva. (A. Fantalov, 2001, watercolour on paper).

The great god Shiva lived on mount. His rest was saved by his son Ganesha with elephant head. Therefore was named ‘The lord of obstacles’. But he was also a protector of wisdom and skill.


"The destroying of Tripura" (A. Fantalov, 2001, watercolour on paper).

The drawing shows as a great Indian god Civa is destroying the magic fortress of asuras. We can see the army of gods. The horses of chariot personify Vedas. The Brahma is driving chariot. A god with an elephant head is Ganesa (a son o Civa). Other gods is riding on the various animals.



Kali/Durgha. (A. Fantalov, 2001, watercolour on paper).

Indian myth says that once Mahisha (the powerful king of asuras) like gigantic bull captures the world. Then the gods to merged their energies ant created the fine tenhanded goddesses. She has various names Kali, Durgha or Ambika. Sometimes she was considered as embodiment of Shiva's wife Uma-Parvati. It is clear that Durgha is vivid Indian image of the Great Goddesses. She by means weapon the greatest gods fighted against Mahisha. Inspite of the demon turned into elephant, bull, man, was killed.

There are army of the gods (on the right) and army of asuras (on the left) of the second plan of watercolour.

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