Celtic mythology 2. (The pictures dedicated to Mythological Ireland cycle).



"The second Battle of Maige Turedh." (A. Fantalov 1996)

This a great battle between Celtic gods (Tuatha De Danann) and daemons (Fomhoire). There are a god of light and mystery knowledge Lugh is fighting against a Fomhoire king - Balar (with malevolent eye). On the cecond plane the battie chariots of Tuatha De Danann are shown. Farther it can see Stonehenge, and a war goddess - Morrighan.



"Daghgda." (A. Fantalov 1998)

On thic picture we can see the suprime Irish god Daghdha ("Good god"). He was god of plenty and magic wisdom. His atributes were cudgel and claudron. He lived (as other gods) in marvellous hill. Three herons symbolised Brighid, the Daghdha's daughter. White dogs are features of the otherworld in Celtic myths. A harper is asimbolic percinage (Probably Oisin). Daghdha can be identified with Gallic Cernunnos , god with stag' horns (the ramhorned serpent is an atribute of Cernunnos). (See: "Indo-European mythologies: genealogy of gods" "Indo-European mythologies structure in social-historical aspect").

Ulad cycle


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