Chrisianity and Mythology.



The God is defeating Leviathan. (A. Fantalov, water colour, 2001).

This plot shows world Christian relige with ancient mythologies. Bible describes a great sea monstr Leviathan. Earth enimy of Leviathan is mithical hippotamus. Both of these monstrs are not satellites of devil but are inconceivable of god’s creative work. Biblia talks also, that “The God defeated Leviathan and Hippotamus for feast of good men.

Th Christian God possesses attributes of the God oth Thunder and the God of Sky. This subject is especial Christian variant of Indo-European myth of fighting between the God of Thunder against the World Serpent: Scandinavian mythology 2 , Hittite mythology . Winged heads are serathims, wheels with eyes are other angel hierarhers.



Paradise.(A. Fantalov, water-colour, 2001).




Jesus Christ as a divinity hero. (A. Fantalov, water-colour, 2001).

The character of the Cultural Hero is wide spread in World Mythology. Especially it is vivid in Indo-European traditions. Scandinavian Odin, Celtic Ogma and Lugh, Slav Dazdbog and Jarila, Baltic Sovius, Indian Yama, Greek Hermes, Italiam Mercurius – all of them are images of the Cultural Hero. The central image of Christianity – Jesus Christ belongs tu this type also. It is interesting, that at the ritter Middlages Christ was accepted as ‘divinity king’.

Bible talks that Christ will win a victory over Antichrist, Beast and Dragon. This great plot related with plots of Zoroastrian mythology 2 (Traetaona and dragon Ajy Dahac), Indian mythology 2 (Trita and dragon Visvarupa), Greek mythology (Apollo and serpent Pithon) and Russian tales (Ivan and Zmey Gorinich).


The original characters of the Indo-European gods

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