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Greek mythology 1.



The birth of the world from chaos. (A. Fantalov, water-colour, 1993).

The Ancient Greeks imagined chaos like Great mouth. Gaia (“earth”), Tartar (an underworld dungeon and at the some time a monster), “Eros, Erebus (like Tartar) and Nycta (“night”) were born with Chaos. Gaia has given Ouranes and this pair filled world with creatures.



Zeus defeated the titan. (A. Fantalov, water-colour, 1992).

The titans were predecessors of Olympian gods like jotuns (Scandinavian mythology) and asuras (Indian mythology). Zeus with his brothers (Hades – the future lord of Underworld, Poseidon –the future lord of seas) and his sisters (Demeter - goddess of agriculture, Hesta – an embodiement of sacral fire, Hera – protector of matrimony and future wife of Zeus) were children of main titan Cronos. They have overthrown titan’s power and have divide world. Zeus has becomes a king of gods. He included features of the God of Sky and the God of Thunder types and was father of such importance Olympian gods as: Athene, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Dionysus, Hephaestos and Hermes. Zeus was also the ancestor of many famious Greek heros as Perseus, Bellerophon, Heracles and so on.



Triumph of Amphitrita. (A. Fantalov, water-colour).

The water-colour shows a happy world of sea kingship. We see Amphitrita – the wife of the sea lord Poseidon. She ride on the dragon’ back. There is opposite her Triton, who is sounding the trumpet (to the point Triton is one of the variants of Hero, as Trita of Indian mythology, Thraetaona of Persian mythology, Ivan Trety (‘Third’) of Slav folklore). Around we can see the nymphs and other sea inhabitants.


Greek mythology 2

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