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Greek mythology 2.



Athena (on the second plan of water-colour) is goddess-virgin, personify a power of mind and Hecate (on the first plan), who was an embodiment of dark venerated by sorceress (for instance: Medea). There they opposed an each other. But at the same time we can consider them as two aspects of Great Goddess. This consideration is confirmed with tradition of ancient art: Hecate consist of three body and Athena has got triple helmet.

About Hecate we can see , creature of the Underworld, that like dog-headed dragon. It turned into women and destroied men.



Apollo defeats cyclops. (A. Fantalov, water-colour, 2001).

Three great cyclops were given birth be Gaia and Uranus together with the hundred-handed giants and the titans. The cyclops forged lightning for Zeus. But Asclepius, the son of Apollo began rise people from the dead and Zeus, to save natural order of things, has defeated him by means lightning. Then Apollo, who was Asclepiusís father, has shot cyclops in his turn.



Hermes and Argus. (A. Fantalov, water-colour, 2001).

Hermes is the Greek embodiment of the Cultural Hero. But unlike Heracles, Hermes personifies the functions of a keeper of mastery knowledge and mediator. The analogous characters are Etruscan Turms, Roman Mercury, Celtic Lugh, and Scandinavian Odin. In this water-colour we can see the Hermesís exploit. The god set free Zeusís ladylove Io (who was turned into cow) from giant Argus with 100 eyes (!). Argus looked after Io according to order of jealous Hera. Hermes put Argus to sleep by means baton-caduceus and chop giantís head. Then Hera turned Argus into peacock. There is Zeus on the third plan this water-colour.


Greek mythology 3

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