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Celtic mythology 3. (Ulad cycle).


“The way to castle of Scathach.” (A. Fantalov 1999)

Cuchulain, greatest hero of Ireland, leave for Scotland to study military art ( that was teached by women-warrior Scathach). Hero was attacked by various monsters during his traveling, but he won them.





“Heroic Cuchulain.” (A. Fantalov 1999)

During the Tain Bo Cuailnge (the Cattle-Raid of Cuailnge). Cuchulain checked an army of quin Medb inspite action of war-goddess Morrighan. The goddess in imago of a cow, an eal, she-wolf attacked hero but in first time appeared as a red women on chariot with a red horse.




“The marvellous traveling of Cuchulain.” (A. Fantalov 1999)

Cuchulain, greatest Irish hero, viseted the Otherworld. He was invited by fairies to helpTuatha De Danann against Fomhoire (as Heracles helped gods against giants). A magic island of Manannan Mac Lir is shown.

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