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Slav mythology 3: The light and underworld.


"Veles and Baba Yaga are on the watch for Dazhbog". (A. Fantalov, 1997).

This plot resembles myth about Balder. However, Slav pair (Veles - Dazhbog) is like one of Scandinavian mythology (Odin - Balder).



“Dazhbog in the Underworld”. (A. Fantalov, 1996).

Dazhbog (he is shown on the chariot with griffins - like Apollo in Greek mythology) visited the Underworld and made a conquest of Vey (the judge of the dead).



“Micula and Kastchey”. (A. Fantalov 1996).

Micula Selaninovitch is a legendary ploughman of Slav mythology. The picture shows a conflict between him and Kastchey Tripetovitch - an immortal wisard. (He is represented on a chariot with two serpent - as Greek hero Triphtolem).

Slav mythology 4: the fighting of gods

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