Slav mythology 5. (Addition).



Lada. (A. Fantalov, water-colour and Indian ink, 1991).

Lada (like Mokos) is Slav embodiment of the Great Goggess type. She was protector of love and marriage and her holiday was celebrated in the Spring.



Perun is defeating the Serpent. (A. Fantalov, water-colour and indian ink, 1992).

The battle against the Serpent is an importance feature of conception of the God of Thunder in many Indo-European traditions (for instance: Thor and the World Serpent Jormungand Ė Scandinavian mythology; Hittite mythology; Zeus and Tiphon - Greek mythology). Slav mythology also contains like subject, although there some scholars sometimes mix the Serpent with Veles, that is a mistake (the battle against the God of Earth Powers is other element of the God of thunderís conception). The dogs and pray birds are often mention in the Slav or Balt folklore as Perunís suite.



Mykula and Svyatogor. (A. Fantalov, paint in oil on canvas).

Slav moving is shown in this picture in oil (in mythological light). On the first plan we see Micula - a legendary ploughman of Slav epos. In the distance is Slav giant Svyatogor, who makes way for people.


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