Scandinavian mythology 1.



"Odin and his brothers are making the world of the dead giant Imir." (A. Fantalov 1993).

This is a typical myth about the world creation of the world creation of the primery creature body (likely Indian mythology or Chinese mythology). The gods, Odin and his brothers killed the giant Imir. Then, they made Firmanent of his skull, Earth of his body, mounts of his skeleton, ocean of his blood, clouds of his brain.We can see the Pimery Cow Audhumla and Imir' s posterity, who are lost in the waves.


Odin in the Underworld. (A. Fantalov. 2000).

Scandinavian Odin in order to increase his wisdom, devoted to himself. He was pierced with his spear and have been during 9 days and nights on the World Tree. At this time Odin's soul and have been known mysteries of Dead World (for instance - runes). Then a giant - grandfather of Odin gave him a horn with sacral honey. This theme likes descent of Christ in hell.




"Odin and Fenrir-wolf". (A. Fantalov. 2000).

According to beliefs of ancient Scandinavians, Odin will be lost in jaws of Fenrir - the World Wolf, one of chthonic monsters - children of evil Loki (two others: thee World Serpent Jormungand and the giantess Hella). For the present, chained Fenrir is oppressed in underground caves. But some day he will tear oneself and together with other monster will attack world of gods and peoples. (We can see the battle between divinity heroes and terrible wolves or dogs in armageddon of Greek mythology (Hercules and Cerber); in Zoroastrian mythology (Guyomard and the Wolf-warrior) ; Celtic mythology (Smertrius and the wolf of Taranis).



Scandinavian mythology2

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