Zoroastrianism mythology 1.


The Death of Guya-Martan. (A. Fantalov. 2000)

The picture shows, as malignant powers, created by terrible Ahriman: monsters, divs - (daemons), pairikas - (she-daemons), are invading the world. They are killing Primary man - Guya-Martan and Primary bull. The Primary man likes Purusha (Indian mythology); Imir (Scandinavian mythology), Pan-gu (Chinese mythology). There are also fravashas - angels' forces and at the same time - souls of the future peoples Fravashas are fightng against evil powers.



Mashya and Mashyon. (A. Fantalov. 2000).

After the Death of a bush grew from his semen. It turned into Mashya and Mashyon - the first matrimonial pair, ancestor of peoples. (They resemble Adam and Eva, and also Ask and Embla of Scandinavian mythology). They had a happy, but they was been corrupted by divs.


About Tree of all seeds. (A. Fantalov. 2000).

There is on this picture sacred tree of all seeds. Senmurv - a winged dog covered with scales regards it. (At Medieval he turned into image of Simurg - a king of birds. Slav mythology knows it as Semargl).


Zoroastrian mythology 2

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