Zoroastrianism mythology 2.




Otherthrow of Aji-dahaka. (A. Fantalov. 2000).

Aji-dahaka - threeheaded serpent, who ruled world during millennium and did great harm. Hero Thraetaona overthrew and chains him in mouth of a volcano. In future monster will tear oneself and will be killed finally. (The character of Aji dahaka resembles Loki of Scandinavian mythology and Antichrist of Apocalypse). As for Thraetaona, he belongs to wide spread type of divinity hero, as well as: Trita, who killed threeheaded dragon Visvarupa of Indian mythology; Heracle, who win three-bodied giant Geryon and threeheaded dog Cerber; Ivan Trety (Third) of Russian tales, who killed Zmey Gorynich - Serpent burning (this name is in agreement with Aji dahaka' one). A radiant ram above means holy symbol in Zoroastrianism mythology.



Kersaspa and Servara. (A. Fantalov. 2000).

A famous hero of Zoroactrianism mythology - Kersaspa won a terrible dragon. A grandchild of him was other wellknown hero - Rustam. There is on this picture a winged image of the supreme god of Zoroastrianism mythology - Ahura Mazda.



The fall of Kay Kavus. (A. Fantalov. 2000).

Kay Kavus is a descendant of and a legendary shah of Iran. He was very proud ruler and decided to fly up in the sky by means of a chariot and three eagles. But the birds threw down him. However, he was spared because ha was an ancestor of great shah - Kay Chosroy.

Zoroastrian mythology 3

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