Indian mythology 2.




Visvarupa. (A. Fantalov, 2001, watercolour on paper).

Indian mythology talks that god artisan Tvashtri have got the son Visvarupa. This Visvsrupa have got three heads and was the priest of gods. However, Indra was afraid that Visvarupa will be to help asuras and the Thunder God has decided to kill him. As a killing of priest is great sin, Indra asks help from Trite - mystery god. Then the Thunder God chop three Visvarupa's heads (at this moment birds flew up from heads jaws).

The picture shows more ancient variant of myths. Perhaps, once Visvarupa was killed by Trita (see for similar instance: Zoroastrian mythology 2. ).



Vala. (A. Fantalov, 2001, watercolour on paper).

The myths about stealing of cows, is very important plot. "Vedas" talk as Panis (demons) who lived at the world's end stole sky cows and conceal them in a cave. As these cows were rays of down that drive chariot of goddesses the down Ushas, darkness came into world. Indra sent his dog Sarama on deliverance of them. Sarama reached fortress of Panis and said him the order of gods. But Panis bribed her by means cow milk and when Sarama return to Indra she lied him. However Indra and sages Angiras knew truth and came to the cave. Indra defeated Panis and then Angiris by means their singing broke the cave. The cows come out. Vala (the soul of the cave) roared as he mourn for lost of cows and then Indra defeated him. Vala likes Slav Veles and Celtic Cernunnos




Indra - the defeater of dragons. (A. Fantalov, 2001, watercolour on paper).

This drawing has created in terms of myths about Indra - Indian thunder god and a winner of various dragons (Vrtra, Visvarupa, Susna). Besides, the image of the fatal horse skull is represented there.

Indian mythology 3

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