Slav mythology 2.


"The heavenly wedding." (A. Fantalov 1996)

.This plot is common for Balt mythology and Slav mythology. In one of variants Moon stole Dawn (a wife of Sun), but Perun broke him in two. Perun is the God of Thunder (like Perkunas of Balt mythology, Parjanya of Indian mythology, Thor of Scandinavian mythology, Donar of Germanic mythology, Taranis of Celt mythology - see Summary table of Indo-European gods).




"Veles." (A. Fantalov 1991)

The slav god of earth natural powers was Veles. He possessed the next functions: the Lord of Otherworld, the Lord of animals, the keeper of wisdom. His interesting character has got analogies in the many Indo-European traditions (Dionysus - Greek mythology; Rudra - Indian mythology; Cernunnos - Celt mythology; and especially Vels - Balt mythology).





"The stolling of heavenly cows" (A. Fantalov).

The famous myth is about Veles stole heavenly cows. Then he concealed them in a cave. Perun (in form of Eagle) set free the cows and defeated Veles. (We known analogous plots in Balt mythology (Vels and Perkunas), Indian mythology (Vala and Indra) and even Greek mythology (Hermes and Apollo).

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