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Zoroastrian mythology 3.



White Div. (A. Fantalov. 2000).

Kay Kavus invasioned in to country of evil devs. Then mighty White Div in image of great cloud rises against him. Iranian warriors got blind and shah was taken prisoner. He was set free by the great hero Rustam.



Rustam and Isfandiar. (A. Fantalov. 2000).

In the end of his life, Rustam masted be to fight against his friend Isfandiar. Latter one was invulnerable, but Simurg - the king of birds helped Rustam. He advised to defeat Isfandiar by means of special arrow.



Frashegird. (A. Fantalov. 2000).

Frashegird is an Apocalypse of Zoroastrians mythology. Sacred text says that it will be a terrible winter and all wolves will meet together and will merge in one vast Wolf. All snakes also will merge in on vast Serpent (we see a resemblance between Zoroastrian and Scandinavian mythologies). will tear his chain. But a hero-deliverer and people will win these monsters in process of this armageddon.


Greek mythology 1.

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